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Pound Wholesale

Pound Wholesale is the one-stop shop providing bulk bargains for Pound Lines. Simply create a profile to gain access to hundreds of unbelievable bargains and savings. With ever-evolving stock lines, Pound Wholesale is always up-to-date with market trends and fashions.

Creating a profile with Pound Wholesale allows you access to a whole world of unbelievable savings with over 2000 Pound lines & Pound Plus lines. This simple action could completely revolutionise the way in which you spend money and more importantly, save money.

Who is Pound Wholesale?

Pound Wholesale is the mega-mart for online savings.

Pound Wholesale is a Pound Lines distributor & supplier specialising in providing products for pound shops and discount stores. Pound Wholesale helps pound shops, discount stores, post offices and general convenience stores meet their profit margins by selling their goods in bulk at incredible prices.

Tirelessly scouring the UK market and buying en masse; Pound Wholesale has managed to build up an impressive and varied stock selection. Any discerning pound shop or outlet can benefit from browsing the wide range of different products available from the online store.

What do Pound Wholesale Sell?

Importers,Exporters & Wholeasalers of Pound Lines & Pound Plus lines in Kitchenware Houseware, Hardware, Pet, Tools, DIY, Electrical, Baby, Foil, Disposable, Spray paints, Stationery, Toys & Fancy goods are all available from Pound Wholesale stocks the products that your customers crave and need. Pound Wholesale carefully chooses products based upon the basic economic principle of supply and demand and market patterns to ensure that only products with retail value will be invested in.

We are also distributors & wholesalers for 151 brand, Just Stationery, Artbox, Paint Factory just to name a few..........! 

Our easy-to-navigate online store ensures that you will be able to browse our products with minimum fuss so that you will not miss any deals that may interest you. This is far easier than attending roadshows and exhibitions that display goods for sale in pound shops and outlets.

Who do Pound Wholesale Sell to?

Pound Wholesale distributes products to the whole of the UK as we'll as Exports overseas so pound shops, discount stores, post offices and general convenience stores all over the country and abroad can benefit from the great prices and deals provided. The stock is constantly evolving and updating so ensure that you check back regularly to ensure that you do no miss out on any great opportunities.

As well as pound shops and outlets, Pound Wholesale is popular with small goods retailers and other stores. Any retailer who wants to make great savings by buying in bulk and passing the savings onto the customer can benefit from using Pound Wholesales services.