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Pound Wholesale proudly provides one of the UK’s biggest selection of DIY and tools. Our range of wholesale DIY contains over 1000 lines, including amazing prices on hand tools, power tools and general DIY supplies. For over 10 years, we have supplied DIY stores, professional services and discount shops with the items they need. When it comes to tools and supplies, we understand and appreciate that quality, durability and safety is essential to perform DIY tasks effectively. We source our vast selection of DIY suppliers from renowned brands like 151, Marksman, Dekton & Top Tools, with the UK’s best wholesale prices on an array of quality products.

From the day Pound Wholesale began, we’ve strived to provide an extensive range of DIY products to cater for every industry and every DIY enthusiast or hobbyist. Whether it’s a professional workplace task on a large scale or a simple daily DIY task, our huge selection of products will almost certainly have a fantastic price on the item you require to get the job done.

Glue, Adhesives & Tape

For professional or household bonding tasks, Pound Wholesale stock a comprehensive range of wholesale tapes, glues and adhesives for all materials and surfaces. Our selection of tapes includes competitive prices on clear tapes, masking tape, duct tape, PVC tape & carpet tape. When it comes to glue, we stock an unbeatable selection of superglues, clear glue, epoxy adhesive and wood glue for various household sticky tasks.

Hand Tools

Ideal for building, electrical or household DIY tasks, our range of wholesale hand tools combines exceptional quality with uncompromising affordability.  With a stunning selection of screwdrivers, chisels, trowels, scrapers, hammers, saws, utility knives, pliers and wrenches available, Pound Wholesale is the UK’s first choice when it comes to wholesale hand tools.

Our wide range provides numerous bargains on high quality tools for the toolbox. Whether you’re a professional tradesman, handyman or hobbyist, you’ll be more than satisfied with the quality provided by Pound Wholesale.

Painting & Decorating

Perfect for home renovation, painting and decorative tasks, our amazing selection of wholesale painting and decorating supplies includes everything you need to get stuck into summer DIY projects. From paint brushes and paint rollers to trays to paint mixers, we stock an amazing range of painting supplies suitable for all kinds of paints and different tasks. We also stock a vast array of decorating tools essentials and protective supplies, such as working gloves, dust sheets, dust masks and discount on many more popular wholesale lines.

Paints & Sealants

Pound Wholesale stock a diverse range of sealants and fillers for decorating tasks, with everything from applicator cartridges with cartridge guns to all purpose and wood fillers. We also provide a vast range of paints and spray paints, with various colours and styles available.

Work Gloves

For additional safety when handling dangerous tools or materials, our range of Work Gloves is unbeatable! With different materials and styles for all types of DIY tasks and industries, our range caters for every type of workforce, from hobbies and crafters to builders, painters, decorators and food processing. We also stock a vast mix of sizes, all which offer excellent protection and flexibility.

Car Care Products & Accessories

Our range of car care supplies features an array of high-quality car maintenance supplies, automotive products and replacement parts from trusted brands such as Good Year, Carpride and Montoya. Suitable for mechanics, daily automotive tasks and car services, our selection of car care supplies offers the best UK prices on essential items for the garage.

We provide a wide range of replacement fuses, bulbs and wiper blades that are ideal for most vehicles. Our selection also includes emergency supplies like booster cables, foot pumps, warning triangles, syphon sets, jacks, LED lights & torches and hammers which can be essential when out on the road.

When it comes to cosmetics supplies, we provide an extensive selection of sprays, dent-repair products, air fresheners, car mats, wipes and cloths as well as electricals like car charging products and cables.

Why Buy Wholesale DIY From Pound Wholesale?

Thanks to our unique relationships with renowned brands and manufacturers, we’re able to source best-selling UK DIY supplies and pass on prosperous savings to our customers. With bargains lines suitable for engineers, painters and decorators, builders, plumbers, mechanics and handymen, this extensive selection allows your DIY business the chance to acquire vast quantities of stock and make great savings.

If you’re interested in learning more about our range of DIY or our service, you can call us on 01254 790233 or email at

Products You'll Love!
  1. Marksman Draught Excluder Sealing Tape 5m X 5mm X 10mm

    Best Seller

    Marksman Draught Excluder Sealing Tape 5m X 5mm X 10mm


    Ideal for applying to doors and windows to increase home temperatures and energy efficiency, the Draught Excluder Sealing Tape by Marksman is a durable brown material. 5m X....

    See full product description
  2. Handy Homes Multi Purpose Paint Brush

    Best Seller

    Handy Homes Multi Purpose Paint Brush


    Ideal for use on sheds, fences, decking and wallpaper, the Multi Purpose Brush by Handy Homes is a wide design for excellent coverage. With flexible, durable bristles, the....

    See full product description
  3. Marksman Pick Up Tool Litter Picker 32"

    Best Seller

    Marksman Pick Up Tool Litter Picker 32"


    With a clamp trigger mounted on handle for easy operation, the Marksman Pick Up Tool is perfect for litter picking and collecting rubbish. 32" Clamp Trigger Handle....

    See full product description
  4. Did Cotton Twine 45m 3 Pack

    Best Seller

    Did Cotton Twine 45m 3 Pack


    Ideal for art and crafts, decorating and gardening applications, the DID Cotton Twine is a three pack, each 45 metres in length. 3 Pack 45m Length The Cotton Twine can....

    See full product description
  5. 151 Shoe Fix Permanent Shoe Repair Glue 30ml

    Best Seller

    151 Shoe Fix Permanent Shoe Repair Glue 30ml


    The 151 Shoe Fix Permanent Shoe Repair Glue is suitable for outdoor shoes, high heels and trainers. A water-resistant formula that bonds leather, rubber, vinyl and canvas, the....

    See full product description
  6. 151 Porcelain Fix Glue 30ml

    Best Seller

    151 Porcelain Fix Glue 30ml


    The 151 Porcelain Fix Glue effectively repairs cracks and chips. Bonding China, porcelain, earthenware, ceramics and crockery, the 151 Porcelain Fix Glue is a water-resistant....

    See full product description
  7. 151 Wood Glue 120g

    Best Seller

    151 Wood Glue 120g

    151 WOOD GLUE 120G

    The 151 Wood Glue is a super fast, super strong solution to various woodworking tasks and fixes around the garden. 120g Extra Strong Super Fast Transparent When Dry....

    See full product description
  8. Marksman Clear Packing Tape 48mm X 50m

    Best Seller

    Marksman Clear Packing Tape 48mm X 50m


    The Marksman Clear Packing Tape provides excellent long-lasting adhesion, sticking instantly to paper and board surfaces. Suitable for packaging and wrapping, the transparent....

    See full product description
  9. 151 Roof & Gutter Repair Sealant Black 280ml

    Best Seller

    151 Roof & Gutter Repair Sealant Black 280ml


    The 151 Roof & Gutter Repair Sealant in Black is ideal for quick and easy repairs on exposed exterior surfaces to create a watertight barrier. Protecting roofs and gutters....

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  10. Car Pride Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush

    Best Seller

    Car Pride Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush


    Effectively restoring the appearance of alloy wheels, the Car Pride Cleaning Brush is specially designed to reach into tight spaces and spokes to remove tough brake dust, road....

    See full product description
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