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Thank you for your time and taking the time to answer my query, good service!

Beverly H&H Deals

I have recently switched to Pound Wholesale and could not be happier with my decision. Their professionalism and straightforward service are a real breath of fresh air.


... I havent received this yet (it's due today) but I'd just like to express my delight at your website and service. I particularly like the Wishlist and the fact that I can sort by low to high. I appreciate that wholesale site's may be out of stock of some items, but at least your communication is absolutely fantastic regarding that & your refund was quick & without prompting. I deal with so many wholesale sites, most of which, it seems to me are a bunch of cowboys! I have sooo much trouble with others like ........................... in Manchester...so, now I've found a good un! Well done, keep it up, you're my number one in future!!...Nick 05/062014

Nicholas Yearsly - Birmingham

Being a new starter and needed direction for my new venture, I went through every supplier I could find online and after carefully choosing the right suppliers, I decided to use poundwholesale as one of the few suppliers I felt comfortable with.  They really have  excellent industry related knowledge and boy they have impressed me more and more as my trade has grown over the last 4 months.  Top service, top products and always on time I seriously recommend the toys section.

Steve McDermott - Southern Ireland

Thank you for all your help,  the communication from Poundwholesale was brilliant throughout the whole process from prior to receiving delivery.

Jennifer Cookson - Glasgow,Scotland

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The UK's Leading Wholesale Supplier & Distributor

Having amassed over 100 years of combined experience supplying discount stores, businesses and various industries, we know everything there is to know about wholesale. Pound Wholesale are leading UK importers and exporters, with an extensive range of wholesale products that offer unbeatable savings for businesses. By continuously expanding our range, improving our service and developing strong relationships with customers, we're able to give businesses the products and the prices they need to thrive in competitive, challenging and evolving markets.

We proudly supply thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs with unique bargains on everyday products, supplies and niche items. From pound shops, post offices and discount stores to services and eBay & Amazon traders, by registering for an account today with Pound Wholesale, your business has access to over 3,000 popular products. Our fast and efficient service provides customers with the quality goods and supplies needed to revolutionise your businesses and make great savings.

We distribute our extensive range of wholesale products to the UK, Europe and overseas. As leading UK wholesale suppliers, we supply pound shops, discount stores, online stores, eBay/Amazon users, online traders, market traders, speciality stores, supermarkets, department stores, warehouses, direct retailers, off-licences, post offices and general convenience stores all over the world. Our service is not restricted to any business type. As long as you're a business, we offer cost-saving solutions to drive your enterprise.

Best UK Prices on Wholesale Toys, Cleaning Supplies, DIY & Stationery

With our unparalleled experience delivering quality products to customers, our range evolves with industry trends and consumer behaviour to ensure our selection of products provides the latest items that your customer needs. Our highly capable team heavily research all of our products during the procurement process in order to determine its value, lifespan and quality. Our collection is sourced from reliable and renowned providers so our customers can be sure they're buying trusted items fit for retail, domestic or professional use.

From fast moving consumer goods to more high value products, our great prices are consistent across all ranges! We offer unbeatable ranges of toys, cleaning supplies, DIY, stationery, homeware, kitchenware, garden supplies, baby supplies, health & beauty, pet supplies and much, much more. We tirelessly scour UK and international markets to source new, quality and exciting lines for UK shops and businesses.

We're are leading UK wholesale suppliers of branded products, with the best bulk prices on renowned manufacturers like 151, Dekton Tools & Marksman.

Taking The Pound As Far As Possible

As costs spiral at discount shops and across markets, Pound Wholesale want to challenge the status quo by keeping our prices as low as possible. With prices starting from just 17p, our fantastic range of pound lines includes pocket money toys, fast moving consumer goods and personal care supplies that take your pound further. Our range offers fantastic retail profitability, with the chance of selling products for a pound, which wouldn't be possible if not for our prices.

In a fast and competitive market, customers love a bargain now more than ever before. As savvy customers increasingly turn to discount solutions and online platforms to source their daily essentials, our low prices help businesses get the most out of their stock.

Fast, Effective & Quality

Our customers spend vast quantities of money at Pound Wholesale, entrusting us with great responsibility to provide businesses with their products as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether you're in the UK, Europe or overseas, our customer service comes first. We strive to ensure your business has all of the information you need to have confidence in our service.

We dispatch your goods from multiple warehouses to offer as much choice and quantity as possible. To go the extra mile that your business can need during busy periods or tough situations, we work alongside customers to acquire extra stock if necessary and offer dropshipping solutions.

Our dedicated, highly trained and caring team are always on hand to assist. Whether you want an update on your order, product information or details on how we work, you can call our team on 01254 790 233 or email us at info@poundwholesale.co.uk.

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