Increasing Your Profits: Pet Supplies

Increasing your profits on pet supplies

Pet supplies are among the UK’s most popular groceries and there are fantastic profits to be made for businesses of all sizes. Although the pet supplies market is busy and competitive, with discount shops, pet stores and online traders jostling for consumer interest, there are incredible savings to be made on in-demand products at Pound Wholesale to give your business the edge. Pound Wholesale’s unbeatable selection of pet supplies includes daily essentials and fast-moving consumer goods for dogs, cats, birds, fish and more!

Our range includes the best UK prices on leading brands that specialise in pet supplies. With everything needed from treating, feeding, walking and training to playtime and grooming, retailers and traders can pass on great quality to pet owners in order to increase your pedigree and attract new customers.

From daily essentials to more specialist items, Pound Wholesale negotiate the lowest possible prices on pet supplies in order to pass on great savings to customers in order to ease the financial burden on the consumer. Although margins are often low by maintaining low, competitive prices, by selling in volume, businesses can exponentially grow their profits. For the many pet suppliers operating from e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces, businesses, our selection of pet supplies are equally as popular and effective when sold online. As a retailer or online trader, your business can be established as a leading supplier of pet supplies in local communities or online or expand your repertoire as a convenience store.

When it comes to our pets, customers appreciate and value quality, and our substantial range is carefully selected by our experienced, knowledgeable team that constantly revaluates our range based on thorough market research. According to statistics from the PDSA, 49% of UK adults own a pet, with an estimated 11.1 million cats and 8.9 million dogs. Britain loves pets, and our exciting range is filled with pet supplies that delight owners and their little friends!

Outstanding Quality & Low Prices 

Thanks to our expertise and experience supplying pet products in the retail market, we’re able to offer our customers tried and trusted high-quality pet supplies that are popular among consumers for competitive prices. From food, treats and snacks to toys, walking supplies, grooming and training products, our low prices and high-quality lines include leading brands like Pride & Groom, Pets Play, World of Pets and Munch & Crunch.

Our comprehensive selection of pet supplies offers fantastic bargains on everyday essentials like walking leads, food bowls, treats, toys, cat litter, doggy bags and more. Your businesses can bulk buy in vast quantities to make fantastic savings or complete your range by choosing from hundreds of products. 

Buying Pet Supplies for Retail at Pound Wholesale 

Pound Wholesale provide a transparent and honest service, working closely alongside businesses of all sizes and trades to help customers acquire the pet products required. For businesses marketing their products online via e-commerce platforms or social networking and online marketplaces, we supply clear descriptive content, specifications and imagery to help merchandise your pet products.

If you’re interested in selling wholesale pet supplies available at Pound Wholesale on your retail website, in your store or via an online marketplace, register for a trader’s account at Pound Wholesale today.

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