Increasing Your Profits: Health & Beauty

Increasing Your Profits on Wholesale Health & Beauty Products

Our retail-oriented, comprehensive range of health and beauty supplies offers discount stores, shops and online marketplace traders the opportunity to make unique savings on everyday essentials for the home and wash bag. From first aid and medical essentials to dental hygiene, sex & pregnancy supplies, foot & shoe care, makeup & beauty products and toiletries, our range of health and beauty supplies offers ubiquitously competitive prices to help increase your retail profits and boost your business!

Packed with health and beauty essentials for the workplace, medical cupboard or dressing table, our selection of wholesale health and beauty supplies offers significant savings on best-sellers like facial wipes, plasters, bandages, first aid kits, rubs & balms, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair dyes, hairbrushes, reading glasses, nail clippers, makeup brushes, razors, shaving foam, soap, fragrances and much more that help retailers succeed.

Pound Wholesale recognise the importance of not only providing competitive prices, but great quality from the renowned brands that consumers are familiar with. Our substantial selection of health and beauty brands includes household names like Colgate, Oral-B, Dove, Gillette, Masterplast & Glamorize.

For local shops and discount stores, our comprehensive collection of health and beauty supplies offers unique savings to attract bargain-hungry consumers and increase customer retention. Businesses operating within the fast-moving consumer goods can offer exceptional quality as well as an exciting range, and pass on those great savings to customers. Conversely, Amazon, eBay & online marketplace sellers as well as e-commerce websites can buy vast quantities of singular items to boost their business.

Unbeatable Prices On Health, Beauty & Medical Supplies

With prices ranging from 45p to £4.05, our health and beauty products offer fantastic value on essentials and medical supplies for men, women and children. A large proportion of health and beauty supplies fall within the fast-moving consumer goods, which dictates that price is an important factor in buying decisions.

By establishing unique relationships with suppliers across the world, we’re able to source health and beauty products at a snippet of the retail cost to offer great prices to retailers and online traders, which ultimately eases the burden placed upon the consumer! Busy shoppers are more likely to buy more items from your store, marketplace platform or online e-commerce website if the prices are fair and low.

Selling Health & Beauty Products Online

Our wide range of health and beauty products are suitable for sale on various platforms and marketplaces, from Amazon, eBay and Facebook Marketplace to etsy and other e-commerce websites. With a large selection of personal care products, our range enables retailers to bundle and create packs for their customers.

Fantastic Quality from Renowned Brands

Although our prices are competitive, when it comes to health and beauty supplies, consumers equally demand quality and effectiveness. For different products used on skin, hair and the body, your business must have confidence in the quality of the items you’re distributing.

Pound Wholesale conduct thorough market research, providing detailed information and work closely with different brands to ensure that our range of health & beauty is packed with the trustworthy products that consumers are familiar with. By offering quality and trusted health and beauty supplies which are continuously used by consumers, your retail store or online platform can challenge the status quo in the market and compete with mediums such as supermarkets and high street shops.

If you’re interested in selling wholesale health & beauty supplies available at Pound Wholesale on your retail website, in your store or via an online marketplace, register for a trader’s account at Pound Wholesale today.

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