Wholesale Pet Supplies For Your Business

Wholesale Pet Supplies For Your Business

Pet Care Services, Vets & Personalised Pet Specialists

Pet services that care for beloved pets extends to a variety of specialist companies and professions, including dog walking and training services, grooming, veterinarians and many more. As a business that prides itself on looking after dogs, cats and pets with care, organisations of all kinds must have confidence in quality of product used for their service, as well as attain supplies at the right price to remain competitive and prosperous.

Pound Wholesale’s extensive range of pet supplies is carefully selected by our experienced team to reflect the very highest industry quality on the market. From pet food, snacks, treats and toys to training supplies, grooming products, collars and walking leads, we thoroughly research our pet supplies to determine their quality and whether they’re fit for the UK market.

As a leading UK wholesaler, we’re committed to providing pet businesses and organisations with the high quality and great prices needed to succeed in competitive markets. Our wide and varied selection includes plenty of choice for dogs, cats, birds and beyond! From treats with various flavours to leads and collars in a spectrum of colours, businesses can acquire the stock needed to perform tasks and optimise performance.

In addition to pet care services, small businesses that craft personalised pet products for sale on online marketplaces or social media can discover an exciting range of quality supplies to maximise profits and increase attention.

Businesses that specialise in pet care will always be judged on results, and our comprehensive, high-quality selection features recognisable brands like Pride & Groom, Pets Play, World of Pets and Munch & Crunch.

Trusted Quality for Pet Services

In the UK and around the world, people have a special affinity with their dogs, cats, birds, birds and household pets. From grooming and minding to health and training, there are a wide range of services that specialise in different areas to look after our pets. To help businesses provide quality services and thrive, we supply a quality range of dog & cat supplies, walking & grooming products and pet accessories, with low prices on everyday best-sellers.

Our range includes an extensive product for dogs, includes bones, rolls, treats, sticks, tug toys, fetch toys, grooming pads, shampoos, brushes, leads, harness, collars, training pads, doggy bags and food bowls. This high-quality range offers businesses the chance to make great savings on bulk quantities of crucial items required for walking, grooming and caring for dogs. 

For our feline friends, we supply an array of cat litter products, litter trays and scoops, toys, food bowls, collars and insect repellents. Helping to feed cats and satisfy natural instincts, this high-quality selection of cat products to help your business grow.

Unique Savings to Maximise Profits 

By acquiring vast quantities of money-saving supplies at Pound Wholesale, your business can price its services as competitively as possible to attract new customers. As a result, organisations that provide pet services can increase its profits and reinvest funds into different aspects of the enterprises.

If you’re interested in buying wholesale pet supplies for your business, register for a trade account at Pound Wholesale today!

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