Wholesale Stationery For Your Business

Wholesale Stationery For Your Business

Schools, Offices & Art Enterprises

Whatever kind of industry your business is involved with, you’re going to need a steady supply of stationery!

From schools, nurseries and further education to offices and workforces, numerous businesses depend on stationery for various tasks and providing professional services. Our extensive collection of wholesale stationery supplies is formulated to facilitate businesses and organisations of all types and sizes, from pens, pencils, rubbers, paper and notebook to office supplies, art & craft and computer accessories.

Our extensive selection offers some of the UK’s best prices on wholesale stationery. Having amassed a wealth of experience providing various industries with stationery and by continually conducting thorough market research, we’re able to offer essentials from quality brands such as U., Artbox, A* Stationery, Kids Create, Just Stationery and Cre8. To appease students, artists and professionals that take pride in their work, our range of wholesale stationery features the highest quality of product. From general office work and daily household tasks to creative art and drawing, we aim to provide the best quality tools to help your business thrive!

Office Supplies For The Workplace

Businesses that invest heavily in stationery for their office or workplace can discover fantastic savings at Pound Wholesale that will keep you coming back! From bulk quantities of writing essentials like pens, pencils, highlighter pens, markers and rubbers to storage and organisational essentials, our money-savings range of office supplies is a clerical dream!

With a brilliant range of sticky labels, memo pads, notebooks, staplers, clips and pins, our range ensures any administrative or documentation task is completed even in the most hectic office environments. With plenty of choice and variety, your workplace can buy all its office supplies at Pound Wholesale, regardless of the size of your workforce.

Schools, Nursery & Education 

Our exciting range of stationery includes an amazing mix of stationery essentials and learning materials for students of all ages! From daily tasks in English, maths and science to colouring books and key learning essentials, our wide and extensive range includes stationery for all subjects and tasks to help kids develop their academic skills. Institutions that specialise in advanced or higher education like colleges and universities can also take advantage of our low prices on stationery and examination supplies.

We also provide a wonderful range of creative products for creative kids! Nurseries and pre-schools can offer an array of art & craft supplies for young children to get messy and creative with our extensive range of supplies and make fantastic savings.

Artists & Crafters 

Pound Wholesale provide a brilliant range of products for artists and creative entrepreneurs that market and sell their product online or at exhibitions. From drawing and sketching to crafting and painting, our wide range of fine art supplies includes charcoal pencils, watercolour pencils, paints, oil paints, canvases and much more!

If you’re interested in buying wholesale stationery supplies for your business, register for a trade account at Pound Wholesale today!

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