UK Drop Shipping Services from Pound Wholesale

Is your business looking to use drop shipping to improve its service? Look no further than Pound Wholesale, with an unrivalled drop shipping service that helps you, your business and your customer.

For retailers and businesses stocking products, Pound Wholesale offers tailored drop-shipping services to suit your company, its requirements and customers. We can drop ship your order to any UK address to get your items into the hands of your customers. Using our drop shipping services, your business can focus on your range of products and services, rather than clogging your warehouse with huge quantities of stock.

With years of experience and expertise, Pound Wholesale buy huge quantities of best-selling stock and popular items on a regular basis and fill our warehouse with products. If you need any further information on our drop shipping service or learn more about what our drop shipping services can offer you, call us at 01254 790233 or email


Dropshipping FAQs

Yes! All of our wholesale customers can dropship their orders in the UK or Ireland. However, delivery charges will be calculated based on the destination address.
All of our items are eligible for dropship orders.
No. As a wholesaler, our dropship orders can only contain the bulk quantities in which our products are sold. You can find this on each product page with Pack Quantity.

Yes. However, we cannot be held responsible if stock is misplaced in Amazon's or other parties' warehouses or networks. We would require the customer to accept liability for any such eventuality.

We also ship boxes as unsorted and cannot attach labels. In these instances, we normally recommend dispatch to your home or work address, where the packages can be sorted and prepared for Amazon or fulfilment centres in the correct way by the customer.

No. But all the products are available on the website. You can find products across the very many categories via the menu. Once you’re registered, you’ll have full access to prices and the search facility to assist with product finding.

No. Dropship orders are only sent to singular addresses. If you have multiple customers for dropship orders, you could have to place an order for each customer.

Yes. Whilst we advise against utilising our product descriptions on your site or product listing, you're welcome to use our information on each product to compose your own descriptions.

Images of the products you've purchased can be downloaded without watermarks once the order is complete.

Our dropship orders are placed in a very similar way to our regular wholesale orders. At checkout, simply update your customers details to the delivery address and inform us that it is a dropship order - you can do this by leaving a comment (recommended), sending an email or calling us. We will then treat the order as a dropship.

Yes. You can send us an email with your invoice or packing slip – we will not include our documentation. Please reference your order number in the email so we can locate your order.

Failure to send documentation within our processing schedule will result in your order being shipped with Pound Wholesale packing slips.

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