Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

A Guide To Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), sometimes referred to as Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG), refers to relatively inexpensive products that are sold quickly, both in-store and online. FMCG items are purchased frequently by consumers and quickly consumed. Usually, it takes very little effort to purchase these items, which are widely available from retailers and shops. Just as the term suggests, FMCG spend very little time on the shelves, as consumers quickly snap up items of this nature.

Widely available from retailers, supermarkets or pharmacies, FMCG items are those products we all use every day, from cleaning and food to plastic disposable goods, stationery, electricals, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and much more.

From a business perspective, FMCG are sold in high volumes with low profit margins. Despite the low margins, FMCG are often highly profitable due to the volume of sales and the huge networks around the world in which products like this are distributed.

As a result of these popular items, suppliers of these products can become household names, with famous brands that are staples of every home. Due to their success, FMCG quickly become trusted and reliable items for consumers, and purchased over and over again.

For products to achieve success in the FMCG market, strong marketing and recognisable packaging can be crucial. Sales are often driven by low prices on consumables, as consumers shop around looking for bargains on everyday products. To drive sales further, multipacks and special deals are just some of the tactics often employed by retailers and shops.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Key Fast Moving Consumer Goods Statistics

  • The FMCG market has an estimated value of over $500 billion.
  • FMCG account for more than half of consumer spending.
  • 6.9% of UK FMCG sales are online.
  • 40% of UK online FMCG sales are completed using a mobile phone.

Wholesale of Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Like all products, wholesalers can play a key role in getting FMCG from manufacturers into the hands of consumers. Wholesalers can lift the burden of inflation and soaring costs placed on consumers by sourcing vast quantities of this kind of stock for low prices. To get these exclusive prices per unit, wholesalers acquire vast quantities of stock, and sell on with low profit margins. A strong work ethic with invaluable industry connections and relationships is also essential when it comes to attaining vast quantities of FMCG cheaply.

To offer the best quality and value, Pound Wholesale’s dedicated buying team closely watches industry trends, and evaluates how different FMCG perform on the high street and how consumers buy products. Equipped with the data and research required to make buying decisions, our team understand the consumables that consumers want, and sought to acquire valuable stock for the best possible price.

We provide popular lines from numerous brands that operate in the FMCG market, including Elbow Grease, Colgate, Always and many more.

E-Commerce and Buying Fast Moving Consumer Goods Online

Although throughout history the most common way to acquire FMCG was to leave the home and go to your local supermarket or store, consumers are increasingly turning to online websites for their consumable items. Although non-consumables remain the most popular products from e-commerce websites, popularity of FMCG online is growing as enterprises adapt, modernise their services and reimagine delivery processes.

Today, supermarkets and grocery stores deliver food, cleaning products and general consumables to your doorstep, with many stores offering significantly better prices on wider ranges of FMCG than local stores. It is predicted that distribution of FMCG via e-commerce will continue to grow. In the digital age, consumable goods are often marketed in celebrities and online influencers on platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other social media channels.

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