Thank you for your time and taking the time to answer my query, good service!

Beverly H&H Deals

I have recently switched to Pound Wholesale and could not be happier with my decision. Their professionalism and straightforward service are a real breath of fresh air.


... I havent received this yet (it's due today) but I'd just like to express my delight at your website and service. I particularly like the Wishlist and the fact that I can sort by low to high. I appreciate that wholesale site's may be out of stock of some items, but at least your communication is absolutely fantastic regarding that & your refund was quick & without prompting. I deal with so many wholesale sites, most of which, it seems to me are a bunch of cowboys! I have sooo much trouble with others like ........................... in Manchester...so, now I've found a good un! Well done, keep it up, you're my number one in future!!...Nick 05/062014

Nicholas Yearsly - Birmingham

Being a new starter and needed direction for my new venture, I went through every supplier I could find online and after carefully choosing the right suppliers, I decided to use poundwholesale as one of the few suppliers I felt comfortable with.  They really have  excellent industry related knowledge and boy they have impressed me more and more as my trade has grown over the last 4 months.  Top service, top products and always on time I seriously recommend the toys section.

Steve McDermott - Southern Ireland

Thank you for all your help,  the communication from Poundwholesale was brilliant throughout the whole process from prior to receiving delivery.

Jennifer Cookson - Glasgow,Scotland

I cannot stress enough how positive my experience with Pound Wholesale has been. Their personable team treat you as an individual and genuinely seem to understand the needs of your business. I decided to meet with them face-to-face and immediately recognised their passion for discount product stocking and selling.

Edwards Family - Reading

I had searched far and wide for a stockist I trust and have finally find it. Pound Wholesale made ordering very simple and the delivery rates were very reasonable.


The team over at Pound Wholesale are a treat to work with and understand exactly what you need. No pressure selling or nonsense like that, just great prices.

Mr Andrews - London

Me and my wife both use Pound Wholesale, me on the web and her by phone and the service has always been top notch.

Stanley Chamber

I have been using Pound Wholesale for the best part of a year now and I have yet to find a problem with their service. They take the headache out of restocking my shop and staying on top of stock.

Mr Forrest

We have just received a great order of Christmas products and they have started to fly off the shelves already!

Mr Amin - Birmingham

I was immediately impressed by the vast knowledge of discount retailing held by the guys at Pound Wholesale. They answered all of my questions and eased any worries that I had with their honest and thoughtful advice. I feel as though I can place my trust in the hands of the guys in the offices and in the warehouse.

Suzanne - Coventry

We were delighted at the speed of delivery and the quality of the products that we ordered from your site.

Raymond Davis - London

I believe that trust is the most important thing when choosing a somebody to conduct business with and I believe that I can totally and completely trust the team at Pound Wholesale to help me find fantastic pound lines to suit my store.

Tim - Solihull

The ever-increasing product list at Pound Wholesale means that I am constantly finding new products for my shelves. I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when I am on the Pound Wholesale website.

Andrew Haverford - Manchester

Pound Wholesale are a key reason for my company’s growth this past year helping us stock our shelves with products that our customers love.


I would wholeheartedly recommend Pound Wholesale to anybody looking for a fantastic selection of pound lines. The comprehensive selection of lines available are incredibly impressive and many of my best-sellers come from their stock range.

Glen - Berwick

I have finally found a supplier in Pound Wholesale that I am completely satisfied with. Excellent service and a fantastic selection of pound lines.

Graham Turner

Excellent service throughout the entire process, from first enquiring over the phone to receiving my free delivery. Completely recommend Pound Wholesale.

Mr Adam - Dunstable

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