As we move into the warmer months, there’s no question that Pound Wholesale’s most popular items change with the temperature. April to June are often the busiest months for UK businesses as enterprises across the country gear up for a busy sunny Summer (fingers crossed!).

Although the UK have experienced some economic difficulties over the last few years, recent data indicates that the UK had a stable Q1.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, the monthly real gross domestic products is estimated to have expanded by 0.2% in January 2024. Moreover, the output of UK services expanded by 0.2% in January 2024 and was the largest contributor to the overall rise in GDP, indicating that UK businesses have had a stable start to the year.

There are numerous positive trends for businesses to capitalise on in Q2. Predicably, most trends are heavily dependant on the weather!

As temperatures heat-up and whilst precipitation is low, UK consumers stock up on supplies for construction, DIY, building and garden projects, leading to an increase in demand for building materials and services. Moreover, Q2 contains the Easter weekend and bank holidays, injecting extra consumer spending on travel, dining and entertainment.

The warmer months also bring a sharp influx of tourists, from London & Edinburgh to the Lake District, presenting numerous opportunities for UK retailers and hospitality businesses.

School Exams

For students and pupils across the UK, Ireland and beyond, it’s exam season! As academics reach the culmination of their studies, there’s a vast range of stationery and school supplies required. Our wide and discounted range of stationery encourages local retailers to offer students, pupils and parents savings on the essential products needed to succeed in a range of school and academic examinations over the coming months.

Similarly, for schools, colleges, universities and learning centres, our range offers savings on the essential supplies they’re required to supply.

Our huge range of stationery includes over 1,000 products from leading brands with vast experience supplying examination materials. Combining reliability and practicality, Pound Wholesale’s selection provides the quality to help students realise their talents.

Pound Wholesale's School & Exam Supplies to watch in Q2


Mixed Stationery Set 9pc


Mixed Stationery Set 9pc

Brand: A* Stationery


Highlighter Pens Assorted Colours 4 Pack

Picnic & BBQ

Now, for something a little less stressful!

The warmer temperatures of the Summer encourages people to spend more time outdoors. As the days get longer, friends and families converge to gardens, parks and beaches as the irresistible scent of BBQs fill the air! Q2 is usually our biggest period for BBQs and picnic supplies, as Brits flock outdoors to get every minute of precious sun time they can!

From BBQs and disposable BBQs to BBQ utensils, coal and fuels, firelighters and additional accessories, Pound Wholesale are just as passionate about barbecuing supplies as the British public, and are committed to providing the excellent quality needed to cook up delicious meats, fish and vegetables over hot grills.

Similarly, the UK public will require a huge range of picnic supplies as we enjoy outdoor gatherings, hikes and camping trips. Pound Wholesale’s picnic supplies include all things plastic and disposable, from cutlery, plates, straws and napkins to cups and glasses. For the majority of UK retailers, from supermarkets and department stores to pound shops and convenience stores, BBQ and picnic supplies can be the driving force behind their Q2 and Q3 sales as locals look to host a memorable Summer gathering.

Pound Wholesale's BBQ & Picnic Supplies to watch in Q2


Big K Disposable Instant Bbq


Big K Barbecue Lighting Gel 1l


Prima Bbq Tools Set 3pc


Prima BBQ Tools Set 3pc

Brand: Prima Housewares


7l Cooler Bag


7l Cooler Bag

Brand: Prima Housewares

Pegs & Laundry

For those passionate about drying clothing and laundry naturally, the Spring and Summer months is a sacred time!

Drying clothing on washing lines and airers are highly beneficial when compared with indoor radiators and tumble dryers. More cost-effective, drying clothes outdoor is gentler on clothes and environmentally friendly.

Our range of laundry supplies includes a huge range of pegs, clothing lines, airers and detergents to washing clothing for the whole family!

Pound Wholesale's Pegs & Laundry Items to watch in Q2


The UK Summer sun is usually fun and pleasurable for most, but in stuffy offices, schools and indoor spaces, it can get uncomfortable. Our range of electronic fans includes a huge selection, from tower and floor fans to desk, pedestal, and hand fans.

For Brits to cope with the heatwaves of Q2 and Q3, and for online sellers and retailers to cope with the demand for fans, Pound Wholesale’s range of fans is on hand to offer fantastic savings on products from the likes of Status and Oxycool.

Pound Wholesale's Fans to watch in Q2


Q2 and Q3 are among the busiest times of the year when it comes to travel. From spectacular adventures and Summer holidays to staycations, retailers will require a steady stream of travel supplies to equip holidaymakers for their trip!

With children out of school for the Summer, families are more likely to book holidays to popular destinations like Spain and France and embark on city break adventures.

Pound Wholesale's Travel Supplies to watch in Q2