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The Hard as Nails Exterior cartridge by 151 contains 310ml of instant grab, high-strength adhesive which is suitable for outdoor brickwork bonding tasks. Designed to withstand colder weather, this high-strength adhesive eliminates the needs for nails and screws in general home DIY tasks.

  • 310ml
  • Includes Applicator
  • Solvent-Free

Ideal for bonding bond wood, plastic, brick, glass, ceramics, metal and more, the 151 Exterior Hard as Nails Adhesive is suitable for uneven surfaces, filling minor gaps. This ultra high-power solution dries white and can be painted over.

Directions for use:

  • Before applying, ensure surfaces are dry and without dust, debris and grease. If surfaces are dusty, it should be primed with one part PVA and five parts water and left to dry.
  • To open, unscrew the nozzle and remove the tip from the cartridge, leaving thread in tact. After refitting the nozzle, cut the tip at a 45 degree angle for the necessary diameter of adhesive. Secure the cartridge to the gun by retracting the plunger and placing nozzle first to the front of the gun, before squeezing the trigger to hold the cartridge firmly.
  • Apply the adhesive by squeezing the trigger. The nozzle should be aimed at a steady 45 degree angle whilst applying to surfaces. After applying one or two continuous lines to the item, immediately press into place.
  • Apply adhesive around perimeter around 5cm from the edge and additional beads with 30cm intervals for large items.
  • If required, use support for heavy panels until the adhesive has dried.
  • Hard As Nails Exterior Adhesive dries in approximately 24-48 hours in warm, dry conditions. The curing period may be significantly longer in damp or wet conditions.
  • Store in a cool, dry place after use.


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