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The 151 Gorilla Filler is a weatherproof expanding foam filler that practically squeezes into gaps and fills them tight.

  • 500ml
  • Weatherproof
  • Expanding

Ideal for sealing and filling large cracks, gaps and holes in stone, wood, metal and brick, the 151 Gorilla Filler is suitable for domestic plastering and DIY tasks.


  • Where protective gloves during use.
  • Before use, shake can thoroughly.
  • Attach the nozzle provided to the outlet.
  • Holding the can upside down, position the nozzle to the hole which requires filling and press the trigger.
  • Foam will quickly expand, dry and harden within 24 hours.
  • Cut away any excess foam with a sharp knife once dry.
  • After use, clean the nozzle with a pipe cleaner, cellulose thinners or nail varnish remover.


More Information
Country of Origin Turkey
Product Barcode 5050375114951
Weight (kg) 0.560000
Length (cm) 6.5cm
Width (cm) 6.5cm
Height (cm) 23.5cm
Outer Case Dimensions
Outer Case Length 29.5cm
Outer Case Width 22.5cm
Outer Case Height 25cm
Outer Case Barcode 5013748000336
Product Brand:
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