As the warmer Summer months move tantalisingly closer, there’s no better time to own a fan. Summer is the prime time for fan sales in retail, as the general British public seek the tranquility of coolness, but just what does Pound Wholesale’s data say about fans?

Electric fans are compact, convenient designs to help you keep cool in warm temperatures. From desk fans and tower fans to hand fans, there are a range of electric fans available from Pound Wholesale to keep you cool whether you’re at home, the office or on-the-go.

And there’s a reason why electric fans are often Pound Wholesale’s hottest sellers. Keeping sweaty heads cool wherever you are, fans are normally very affordable, when compared with alternatives such as air conditioning units.

Highly portable, electric fans are also a more energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning, saving consumers money on their energy bills, whilst providing an eco-friendlier solution.

Summer is the busiest time of year for many retailers, convenience stores and online-sellers, as Brits prepare to spend more time outdoors and keep cool. Along with essentials like BBQs and accessories, suncream and garden furniture, our selection of wholesale fans present retailers with a huge opportunity to generate sales over the warm months.

According to various British retail statistical sources, the sales of electrical fans are heavily prone to staggering sales fluctuations as Brits struggle to cope with unexpected bouts of heat.

For instance, in 2022, the Lancashire Post reported that electric fan sales had skyrocketed 1630 per cent as retailers sold out across the country as the UK experienced a record-breaking heatwave.

What Pound Wholesale’s data says about Fans

Pound Wholesale has a long history of providing wholesale fans available for bulk buying. Offering retailers and businesses alike the opportunity to attain bulk quantities at a reduced cost, sales of wholesale fans have proven popular among virtually all customer groups as a range of enterprises work their magic in the Summer sun!

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As the chart indicates, the busiest sales and revenue periods from wholesale fans largely occurs in the warm Q2 months, and appears to peak in June. However, there are some statistical anomalies, including sporadic sales boosts in September, January and even December! This demonstrates businesses getting prepared early, not-running the risk of wholesale fans selling out during the busier Summer months.

Evidently, sales of wholesale fans have virtually increased every year, indicating that the sale of Pound Wholesale’s electrical cooling devices are proving increasingly popular with UK consumers and workforces as they attempt to deal with the glorious sun!

The table above indicates Pound Wholesale’s best-selling fans over the last two years. Whilst taking the fact that hand-held and mini fans are generally cheaper and sold in larger quantities into account, it’s clear that miniature and portable devices are the most popular with the UK public for their convenience. However, a desk or tower fan is an essential for keeping indoor area cool, and that’s similarly reflected.

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Pound Wholesale’s sales of wholesale fans have proven popular among virtually all business and customer types, from traditional cash and carries and discount stores to online marketplaces, schools, offices and professional businesses. However, it is the retailers who predictably prevail, who attain more wholesale fans than any other business type to provide the British public.

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Keep things cool with Wholesale Fans!

Pound Wholesale are leading UK providers of Wholesale Fans, currently stocking 30 lines across the range, with desk, floor, pedestal and tower fans to hand-held, mini, electrical and manual designs available, including counter display units that are perfect for retail.

Although our wholesale fans are very popular with online retailers, businesses, schools and large workforces alike can acquire vast quantities of wholesale fans at a reduced cost to keep their employees, staff and students cool!

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