Homes, offices and community centres have lots of stuff!

Whatever it is you’re storing, organising or compartmentalising, a good selection of storage boxes and racks are essential for maximising your storage capacity. Keeping the home or office free from clutter allows more space for storage and activities, minimising what needs to be thrown out.

Storage and organising are no niche subjects, rather, quite the opposite. Storing and organising items is the feature of numerous popular television programmes and online articles as many take immense satisfaction by keeping their space clutter free and goods organised!

Pound Wholesale has long boasted an excellent range of bulk storage containers and boxes and is continually adding more lines to assist homes and workplaces with their storage tasks. Our range includes storage solutions for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garage, office, school and many other spaces.

From toys, tools and tinned goods to shoes, clothes, laundry, bedding, stationery items, folders and paperwork – these are just some of the storage menaces that office staff and homeowners have to contend with.

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Storage Boxes

Our range of storage boxes and containers includes innumerable designs of all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. With underbed and carry-handle options, Pound Wholesale’s extensive selection of plastics includes clear and opaque designs, lidded boxes and a huge selection of food storage containers.

Around the home, our selection of storage boxes is ideal for kids and adults alike, offering excellent storage capacity and durability to stay strong for many years to come. Decluttering the home may prevent homeowners from feeling overwhelmed, anxious and defeated, whilst encouraging safety and good hygiene.

Offices and workplaces can stifle creativity and productivity by having a cluttered workspace, and can even be forced to throw perfectly good items away. When it comes to important document folders, tech supplies and general stationery, a good storage box is a quick and convenient way to maximise office storage space.

Lidded storage boxes are widely suitable for being stored too! Great for racks, lofts, cupboards, Pound Wholesale’s selection of storage boxes are suitable for compartmentalising and moving out of the way to get on with the tasks at hand.

When it comes to food and groceries, our huge selection of food storage containers includes rectangular, square and circular designs of all sizes. With lidded designs and stackable sets available, our range of food storage containers helps to minimise food waste and free up storage space in the kitchen, pantry and home.

Storage Towers & Racks

For more pressing and difficult storage tasks, look no further than our selection of storage towers. With three and four tier options, each tower is accompanied with drawers for storage obsessives that need to compartmentalise and organise their belongings. A durable plastic design that’s an affordable and convenient alternative to metal and wooden cabinets, the storage towers can be effortlessly placed in office corners and garages, using height to maximise storage capacity, rather than width.

For fruit, vegetables and groceries, Pound Wholesale supply plastic mesh black and brown vegetable racks that are ideal for pantries and kitchens, helping to minimise food waste whilst freeing up kitchen space and fridge space.

Providing a more dynamic and bespoke solution, our selection of stackable storage racks, available in various colours, allows homeowners and office staff to measure up their space and stack racks accordingly. Maximise storage capacity whilst decluttering floor space, the stackable storage racks can be placed on the floor, in cupboards and shelving for organising your space.

Jars, Storage Baskets and more

Our comprehensive selection of home storage solutions includes various glass jars for storing small items like haberdashery supplies, assortments, fasteners, screws, nails, herbs, spices, sugar, coffee and much more! Complimenting contemporary décor, our selection of glass jars are suitable for kitchens and living areas. For kitchen storage obsessives, our selection also includes fridge storage baskets and boxes for organising groceries.

Save Money AND Space with Pound Wholesale

Pound Wholesale's range of wholesale storage boxes and racks offers retailers and businesses alike fantastic savings. With low prices on all types of plastic storage solutions, Pound Wholesale's huge selection offers plenty of variety and space-saving options whilst offering the bulk prices businesses need to reinvest in other aspects of their organisation!